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Jan 14, 2013 8:00pm EST
. we're not having a here in san francisco. that is why i am here. shortly after hearing of the massacre in connecticut, i posted a petition on the web at called "ban assault weapons, all of them." i'm here to present you with nearly 5000 signatures the people nationwide who have signed the petition. it is not done by an organization or a group. it is just me, a concerned citizen and those who share my view, a ban on assault weapons, all of them. many who signed made comments. i urge you to leave through the comments. i will read a couple appeared as a former marine, i can guarantee very few if any civilians need anything like the assault weapons. mental illness might be a good scapegoat to fix the blame, it is nothing more than a red herring. the real problem is the profits of these weapons generate. >> thank you. i will read the comments. >> i found this information. the second amendment was included in the bill of rights to ensure the individual maintained the right to defend himself and all occasions. the citizen is dependent for protection. what it your door is being kicked
Dec 31, 2012 8:00pm EST
people burst in flames. great. >> you live on the other coast. you live in san francisco. things were different. you had occupy oakland and you had a different feel. what's your view on the last few years of social movement? >> well, i think you're right. the occupy movement and the tea party movement have and both have fizzled away. you know, i saw what happened in oakland with occupy. they -- well, you know, they -- they -- they -- occupy's problem was that they understood consensus to a fall, they began the degradation of the democratic dogma and then you couldn't come up with a mature way to deal with -- with -- create discourse within their ranks. to do that you have to concede there's such a thing as hierarchy and it's not necessarily patriarchal or evil. >> it's a massive gathering. we had this spontaneous order. you don't need a formal pecking order but you will out of a crowd get rules and get order. burning man despite its size is said to be very well run. there are norms. there are practical laws on the crowd. >> indeed, that's what we do. we -- >> i don't know if anyb
Jan 1, 2013 1:00am EST
think enlarger time solutions. during booms -- as a resident of san francisco, i know all about booms. if people cannot think beyond the next quarter, they cannot think beyond the next quarter, they cannot think beyond the next day. they just want more versions of what they know to make more money. it narrows the range of your mind the way fear does. continues for whil because if we cannot think beyond the next year or the next th, you or the next monconn will not do anything about global warming. we are living in a world in which everything in our life is not sustainable. what if everybody in china had a two cars and swimming pools? that is not sustainable. the reason we cannot maintain political progress is we a ce.s dissident we have to get beyond an economy that is predicated on unlimited, increasing amounts of consumption and with no end in sight, because the end is in sight. maybe if we have to cope with a rude reality for a while longer, we will get a little more intelligent. >> on that note, one of the things that intrigues me with these kinds of situations is
Jan 18, 2013 2:00pm EST
cities like san francisco, seattle, portland. but also in little cities and this person is transported from place to place. the capacity for our police department is challenging. we are working on better solutions so our police department can share information and interdict this. is there a young woman that we should be seeking to recover? we will try to bring more pressure on the men who do this. we need more tools to attempt to combat this. the tsa also plays a role in this. i want to thank you for the work that is done to elevate this issue. it is hard to believe it is as bad as it is. it is happening in your community, too. we need to come together to change the climate where men feel they can go online and buy this. we need better tools to combat this. maybe we should look at our own laws about what is appropriate regulations. thank you for your work. [applause] >> anyone have any questions for the mayor? he is targeting a particular aspect of the traffic of underage women for sexual purposes. many of us have problems in our cities with human trafficking. houston is a major transp
Search Results 0 to 3 of about 4